RJ Maui Sculpture

A stunning collection of quality carvings.

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Randy sees potential and beauty where the rest of us see bark, branches, and dirt. Sculpting his visions with the hand of a master and the heart of a devotee, his artwork emerges from the wood as it being given life itself. It almost appears as if they were waiting to be born; at first, quietly nestled within the confines of their organic origins, and then through Randy’s predisposition to release the art, his intent is activated and the piece is revealed.

  • Chisels and sanding give the artwork its shape and form, while Randy’s heart, mind, and spirit are carved into the creation. Harvesting wood from the beach, forest, or roadside debris, Randy is always on the lookout to release a sculpture from its raw form. He sees the vision of the final piece as he loads it into his pickup truck, and through time and intent, it takes shape. The resulting artwork is inspiring and complete. You know the sculpture was waiting for Randy to find it.


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Below are some of Randy's Creations



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